03/03/2019 Version 30:

-Friends list is added. To add a friend, view their ranch panel. When they in return add you, you can teleport to each other via friends list. Enhancement of this feature will improve!
-Bidding has been fixed and you can now view all the horses you have bids on by clicking "my bids" from your ranch panel. Cancel bids to receieve your money back from escrow.
-You can now enter two horses per event. You can only create three.
-Clubs are not underway- we have lots of ideas for these and will continue to work on them. Player-based clubs can be created now, they are 50 orbs a pop.
-We're working on tracking down a bug that causes people to not be able to go riding. Please send me .log files from your harddrive at C:\Users\{yourname}\AppData\LocalLow\Orbis Games\Vhorsehorse to [email protected]
-Coming soon: critical bug fixes, (Jump/halt) next update, new UI fully implemented, ranks, names, rules & customization for clubs, Ranch building/club building (artists are currently working on assets), Enhanced chat.

02/12/2019 Version 29:

-You can now scroll through all of a horse's events when viewing events from a horse's panel.
-You can now bid on another horse, and the owner can sell it at his/her discretion.
-Unicorn horns should now display for true unicorns (Unicorn Primus is a tester- I expect we'll improve their textures)
-Again, testing if other players see avatars after a rider switches horses.
-Speed (movement speed) and Agility (rotation) effects have been reduced while riding- I'm still working on animation speeds.
-Notification removal should be fixed ... (I've said this before haven't I?)
-Step 26 on tutorial might be fixed!

02/10/2019 HotFixes:

--upgrading server (hopefully this fixes wild horse spawn issues, another bandage fix incoming through)
--Event payout increased by x10
--possible fix to not seeing avatar when player is switching horses in front of you (this is tricky to test by my lonesome)
--Trees reduced- if still issues can reduce more!
--Bandage- Spawns new players to random zones to also reduce wild horse spawn issues. I can somewhat manually teleport people to friends until our friend feature is finished (new priority on this now). Somewhat meaning: if it is a friend- from another game or real, and I am online at the time!

02/05/2019 Fixes:

--clipping has been reduced on saddlepads. We'll probably end up animating these for a final fix.
--Harness animation has been fixed when training
--Issue might be fixed where catching a mount did not save in quest (in testing- was unable to replicate)
--Equipping items in 3d world should save (also in testing, unable to replicate)
--Equipping tack while out riding should show changes in 3d world now.
--Store item showing wrong price at price button after viewing a purchased item has been fixed.
--I think purchasing items while out riding should work- this has been a wierd one and transaction may not complete. Please report it if you get refund and no item
--Quests are a bit more in-your-face when logging in. Still working on them, they are taking a little time to show up for new accounts.

1/22/2019 Beta Patch
Bug fixes:

--Chat is back up! Sorry our chat server went down when I had the game updates in limbo and could not update it till now.
--Notifications should now delete properly
--Viewing your ranch panel after viewing another player's should no longer display their name and ID
--An issue where buying wild horse catches did not work while out riding has been fixed.
--Subscription time not displaying correctly after purchase has been fixed.

New updates

--New UI is slowly being implemented- some sections have it done, others are the old.
--Private breeds can be distributed
--Unicorns! Very rare unicorns can be found through out the world. Or make a fake one and put a faux unicorn horn on your horse.
--New Shop! With categories for equipment, clothing, accessories and the like.
--Quests! A chain of tutorial tasks for a main quest is partially in and under testing
--Human Avatars! You can customize your avatar in the "Avatar" panel, button provided off the ranch page (home button).
--Horse Tack & Equipment! Everyone should get a starter saddle and bridle. To get more items, you can visit the store or complete quests

What we're working on

-Stirrups and Reins, Western style riding animations
-New UI/Quality of life update
-Bidding on horses
-Options (set graphics level, keyboard settings, sound etc..)
-Music, environmental sound & Sound effects
-Fine turning horse controls (speed/agility limits, jumping, etc..)
-Daily tasks
-Horse Level up system
-Player Perk (level) system
-Community gathering instances (marketplace, racetrack, etc...)
-Ranch building
-Inventory organization
-Enhanced chat
-Ability to have multiple ranches per account
-Fine Tuning Equipment & Avatar issues
-More Equipment/Avatar Equipment - and seasonal/holiday themes
-Dozens of new horse patterns and markings